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How To Create A Countdown Timer In WordPress Without A Plugin or without any short-code

Countdown timers are very useful to increase time on page and reduce bounce rate in your blog post. There are many ways to create countdown timer in your WordPress blog. You can create countdown timer using plugin. But if you want to make your own countdown timer, you are in the right place. In this post, we will tell you how to create a countdown timer using the simple JavaScript. In this post you will learn how to make a countdown timer before displaying the download link without using "id" attribute. Simple JavaScript and HTML Countdown Timer HTML Code for WordPress Countdown TimerUse this HTML code in your WordPress blog post where you want to add download button with countdown timer. you can use this HTML code multiple times and in multiple post according to your needs. Just replace the https://your-download with your URL which you want to show at the end of countdown timer. <button onclick="myDownloadFunction(this,'https://your-download')">Click Here …
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How to Make Countdown Timer Before Displaying Download Link

In this post you will learn how to make a countdown timer before displaying the download link without using "id" attribute.
Simple JavaScript and HTML Countdown Timer
HTML Code for Countdown Timer
<button onclick="myDownloadFunction(this,'https://your-download')">Click Here to get Download link</button>
JavaScript Code for Countdown Timer
<script> function myDownloadFunction(ele,url) { var counter = 10; var a = document.createElement('a'); var link = document.createTextNode("Download Now"); a.appendChild(link); a.href = url; var newElement = document.createElement("p"); newElement.innerHTML = "You can download the file in 10 seconds."; var id; ele.parentNode.replaceChild(newElement, ele); id = setInterval(function() { counter--; if(counter < 0) { newElement.parentNode.replaceChild(a, newElement); clearInterval(id); } else { newElement.innerHTML = "You can dow…

How to create multiple spoilers without using id attributes

Spoilers help in hiding and displaying content according to the users need. Spoilers are also used to save space in your web page.You can easily write FAQ and terms conditions in a very small space with spoilers.
Today in this post we will tell about how to make spoilers without using id attribute. After reading this article, you will be able to make more than one spoilers without using the 'id' attributes.
What is spoilers and what is it used for ?
With the help of spoilers, you can create content of display and height type. And using spoilers you can also create a quiz in which you can hide the answer by default and when the user wants to see the answer, they can see the answer in just one click.
Spoiler HTML
<div class="spoiler"> <div class="spoiler-toggle"> spoiler heading </div> <div class="spoiler-content"> your hidden content </div> </div>
Spoiler Script
<script> var spTog = document.querySelectorAl…

100+ .Org Sites To Get High PR DoFollow Backlinks 2019

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A to Z Full Forms

Sr.No.Sort NameFull Form
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Accelerated Graphics Port
Acer Labs, Incorporated
Arithmetic Logic Unit
Advanced Micro Devices
American Power Conversion
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Application Specific Integrated Circuit
Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
Advanced Technology
ATI Technologies Inc
Advanced Technology Extended
Analog Digital Converter
Artificial Intelligence
Algorithmic Language

What does '1K' or '1M' mean?

On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube , you must have seen 1K, 2K, 10K or 1M, 10M written. Do you know what this 'K' or 'M' behind the number means? If not, you will get full information about it in this post.

In this article, we will know about it in detail, so let's know why 1K means thousand? you will get full information . What does 1K Means?

'K' and 'M' world is used for count Likes, Comments, Share, Retweet, Subscribes on Social Media, Fb, YouTube etc.

Many new people are not aware of this and do not know what K means and why it is used.

Every user who runs the Internet is confronted with. If you also have this thing in your mind and you do not know about them then this post is for you.

What is the meaning of K or M behind numbers?On the Internet, 1K is used to represent 1 thousand and 10K is used to represent 10 thousand, similarly 1M is used to represent 1 million.

1M = 1 Million (10 Lakh)
I think, You understood this thing easily, because M means Mill…